30 hours of paradise (Rwanda.2)


After my first geography lesson, I had to start seeing with my own eyes the places on the map. As I was quite impressed by the formation of East African Rift Valley, my first exploration outside Kigali was Kibuye – a small touristic area in the very East of the country. A place in which only humans can grow old. A place where the time notion is given only by the colors of the sunlight, filtered from time to time with dense clouds, and crystal rain drops. A place inspiring peace. A no men`s place but nature`s. A place of though, a place to feel. No words can describe an experience of perfection, no camera can shoot the color of it, no sound can equal the melody of the moment.



There is much of a culture in anything it touches. The households on top of the hills, the agricultural practices on the lower lands, even the body posture when working the ground is authentic. Impressive was also the designed areas close to the city centre. I think it is meant to be a park, or it will soon be one. It beats off all the vernacularity of the place with its carefully guided pathways and its symmetry. Not sure why and how they got to this will of having a park when living in the heart of this beautiful place.



Poate ca paradisul fiecaruia e lumea ce il/ o inconjoara. Poate ca uneori uitam ca traim in paradis. Am ajuns intr-un paradis, o lume de poveste, cum deseori vedem in fotografiile vanzatoare de destinatii exotice. I-am intrebat cum e sa traiesti intr-un loc atat de frumos, si parca atunci abia au privit imprejur. Cultura africana e atat de bine intiparita in comportament si activitati, incat, ascunsi in rutina zilelor de primavara permanenta uita ca se afla in paradis. Un loc minunat este o banalitate traindu-l zi de zi. Dincolo de sunetele naturii si saluturi dragalase de la oamenii mult prea amabili, ce-ti taie cu adevarat respiratia este peisajul. Este minunat cum o bucata de pamant isi scoate motul de sub apa incantandu-mi mie ochiul si naturii ecosistemele. Am avut parte de 30 de ore intr-un paradis. 30 de ore de relaxare si meditatie in mijlocul unui loc autentic prin peisaj, culori si activitati. O excursie in Kibuye este o ocazie de a descoperi o altfel de natura, o altfel de cultura si un altfel de tu.


Imaginile de mai sus, si de mai jos, redau doar picturi din experienta lacului Kivu, a malului si a insulelor sale rwandeze, picuri ce sunt departe de experienta completa a unui astfel de mediu. Fiecare dintre noi priveste diferit un peisaj, il traieste diferit si ia cu el amintiri diferite. Pastrez cu mine simtul picurilor de ploaie si balansul barcii pe lac, pastrez cu mine lunecusul pietrelor de pe marginea lacului si culoarea verzulie a apei, pe care nici o camera foto nu ar putea sa o imortalizeze.



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