Step forward (Rwanda.3)

Kigali Memorial Garden 1

Kigali Memorial Grden 2

Everything moves and everything touches. The skin, the thought, the heart. I am working with a group of people that is amazing in some aspects, but a bit difficult to organize. I sometimes look at their eyes, at their moves; I try to understand their happiness. I have so many beautiful souls around me. Some wise, some deep, some difficult to talk with. Most of all, I appreciate the commitment of joining my class every day, in their preparation time.

KDA-drawing workshop

shower rain in Kigali

Here, everything has a different order or no order at all.  I am always looking for the best, easiest, most efficient solution for all situations I put myself in, but seem like all times there is one external variable making a process go slowly.  Even is the lack of electricity making me delay a deadline, or a student being late, or the rain making too loud noise falling on the roof, or waiting for a call, or for a late advice. I feel sometimes I struggle too much, but I do it with love. I am 100% the projects that brought me here, more for the sake of the process rather than for the sake of the product(s). I dig in  laws and regulations, in  needs and expectations, still eager to find more about the everyday life of ordinary youth. On one side I try to figure out the public space and to assess it, on the other side I try to catch the cultural meaning of it, (for the respondents and for myself). Will I be smart enough to make a valuable project for this community? Will I be brave enough to make it happen? Yet, there are so many variables. It`s just me the constant that has to remain strong and creative to push things forward.

Kigali City Park

Kigali City - Kanombe


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