The Kind and The Brave

OanaBaloi-up on the hill

There is an orphanage, up on the hill. Is improper to call it orphanage because is not public, nor private. A man with a small piece of land and a big heart has build some rooms for those unfortunate children. Menwhile they grew up, some left, others were brought. There are now around 100 souls, from one year to 20+, living in those dormitories. They live together, they play together, they learn to make sense of the life..together.

The older ones are attending public school, and in their spare time they work in their garage, they cook, they clean, and they take care of the small children. The youngest ones are playing and smiling all day long.. they don`t know yet living, apart from playing around the house. But they do know they have a big big family and this family is teaching them how important is to take care of each other.

The orphanage has money for food from the ones working in the garage, fixing cars and motos, in their spare time. The garage is theirs, but does not have many tools, thus, there are not much money coming in.

Everything appeared to be okay: shelter, food, education.. or it was okay until the last rain of the current rainy season has brought the danger so close to their home. The water has infiltrated so badly in the soil that the support walls have collapsed over the neighbor. Some kind souls have volunteered to build back a part of the wall, but the cement is not enough for a solid work. However, this will not prevent another collapse on the next rainfall. There is already too less space for too many people, losing part of the building will affect the living condition of the children, conditions that are anyway somewhere close to the lowest limit regarding hygiene and comfort.

OanaBaloi-up on the hill

For building up a strong support wall we need stones, cement, iron tubes, and for that, money. Although the financial issue is permanent, it is now an emergency to assure the safety of the house.

Therefore, I start a fundraising for:

–          Re-building the sustain wall for preventing the collapse of the house

–          Buying tools and materials for the garage, so they can gain themselves money for living.

I will stay in permanent contact with this orphanage. No matter where I will be, I will still try to help them as much as I can.

And you no matter where you will be, anytime is a good moment for kindness. If you want to help those beautiful souls, please contact me at peisagista[at]

OanaBaloi-up on the hillOanaBaloi-up on the hill


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