Landscape Convention

Shortly, the Landscape Convention aims to unite professional practitioners  into assessing the physical landscape towards a sustainable development and usage of landscape. More than a series of policies and guidelines of collaboration, the landscape convention focuses on implementation of the policies, promoting interaction between local and central authorities as well as transfrontier cooperation in protecting landscapes for the benefit of landscape protection, management and planning.

The full text of the landscape convention can be found here: Council of Europe – European Landscape Convention.

Each Party undertakes to promote:

a training for specialists in landscape appraisal and operations;

b multidisciplinary training programmes in landscape policy, protection, management and planning, for professionals in the private and public sectors and for associations concerned;

c school and university courses which, in the relevant subject areas, address the values attaching to landscapes and the issues raised by their protection, management and planning.

Article 6 – Specific measures

After 6 years of education in Landscape architecture, the Landscape Convention was named solely in a course capita selecta. This regardless the profiles of those 3 institutions I had the chance to study in.  I consider that conventions, policies, associations and programs that aim to develop landscape architecture as practice and science have to be promoted more than in happy coincidences.

More about the landscape convention in the links below:


European Landscape Convention Facebook Page


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