Reviving my blog is a must. I am learning a lot and I should share with more than those I get the chance to have one to one discussions. Now, the doubt is if to continue in English or in Romanian. I do think in English when i am abroad and in Romanian when in Romania, but the language mainly depends on the audience I aim to. Also, none of my English or Romanian is perfect, and I often make mistakes, in both languages. Excuse me in advance.

Global. I do have a mission, that is to support the recognition and institutionalization of landscape architecture as a crucial field for the world being, and that is mainly under climate change adaptation via ecosystem based adaptation, which is subject to a different post. However, is much to be put in words and published, but at least I am not alone, and I do count on my professional English speaking peers to join me in this. Furthermore, I do have some experiences that brought me to witness practices yet undocumented, but can be of help in global practice.

Local. I acknowledge that within the border of my home country are found probably the most clear examples of why we need landscape architecture and its practitioners. And as I do aim to educate and give my lessons learned within this revived version of the blog, is it maybe better to use the local language? Flood, drought, desertification, urban planning and transport will be only a couple of the subjects I will keep on mentioning, highly relevant for Romanian context if we really want sustainable development.

As many of you know, I am thinking while talking and most of my posts will be posted with no prior review, thus I will not translate every time when ideas cross my mind. I will try to make a short summary in Romanian/ English but that not a promise.

Some of those that know me personally know that I am that type of activist thirsty for knowledge and solutions, exploring as many ways and paths as possible. I guess is the moment to share my experience online.

Vreau sa fu mai activa in a impartasii experientele si cunostitele dobantite in ultimii ani, insa voi scrie destul de mult in limba engleza. Vor fi unele subiecte importante pentru practica arhitecturii peisagere in Romania, si voi incerca sa scriu cat mai specific si in limba romana, folosind un limbaj adecvat. Daca nu imi va iesi, ma scuzati de pe acum.


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