New Super Dams and New Dry Lakes in the Age of Solar Power

Remaining within the topic “wetlands” and “transborder development” I come across more and more lack of sense in some development plans within this need of quick and productive development. I do understand development needs, I am an active supporter of relevant development, as I see the sense in having big investments in products like electric energy, … More New Super Dams and New Dry Lakes in the Age of Solar Power

Nile River, trans-border concerns.

Historically, both inter and intra-state conflict characterizes the Nile Basin, but also ecological conflicts due to inadequate land use and industrial development.The environmental issues occurred along and in the river Nile over the past century has changed not only the water quality and the riverine landscape but as well the land use in the surrounding areas, eventually leading to fragmentation of land ownership, land degradation, and indirectly unequal development and civil wars … More Nile River, trans-border concerns.

Yazd – Adaptation lessons from a desert city

Yazd is a great example of urban development adapted in all aspects over a long period of time to drought, when the resources are properly managed and the city properly planned. The air cooling systems, impressive green architecture and water systems have been carefully designed since ancient times. The water consumption continued to rise as more water consuming services and industries were developed in Yazd. In same time, the water availability was decreasing, from reasons related to climate change or human-induced environmental threats and weaknesses. … More Yazd – Adaptation lessons from a desert city