Nile River, trans-border concerns.

Historically, both inter and intra-state conflict characterizes the Nile Basin, but also ecological conflicts due to inadequate land use and industrial development.The environmental issues occurred along and in the river Nile over the past century has changed not only the water quality and the riverine landscape but as well the land use in the surrounding areas, eventually leading to fragmentation of land ownership, land degradation, and indirectly unequal development and civil wars … More Nile River, trans-border concerns.


From nuclear power plants to energy landscapes

In 1950, the nuclear power plants spread across many countries due to their efficiency in producing (also) electric energy. In 1960, the campaigns against nuclear power became so intense that an entire movement has started including petitions, protests and continuing over the years with educating people, innovation and technological progress towards what we now call … More From nuclear power plants to energy landscapes