Wetlands Protection and Creation (Kigali edition)

(In limba Romana, mai jos) Happy world wetlands day! ..although 64% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared since 1900 (according to UNEP&Ramsar Convention on Wetlands). This article presents an example of what work landscape architects can do, and should do. Wetlands have high potential for connecting the natural biophysical system and human settlements in developing alternatives for … More Wetlands Protection and Creation (Kigali edition)

Why do we need landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture`s increasing role in climate change adaptation makes it indispensable in prevention and recovery from climate induced events such as landslides and floods. Maybe we need more action, but that comes from more interest, and that comes from more funds properly directed towards urgent and meaningful work. … More Why do we need landscape architecture?


Reviving my blog is a must. I am learning a lot and I should share with more than those I get the chance to have one to one discussions. Now, the doubt is if to continue in English or in Romanian. I do think in English when i am abroad and in Romanian when in … More Revive